Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PACC project assistant, Carlos Cianchini, attended a 3D modeling workshop in Honiara, Solomon Islands during the week of May 21-25.  "Participatory Mapping and Community Empowerment for Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Advocacy" train us to prepare three dimension maps to gather local knowledge from the community members to be use in decision making. The workshop was organized by the UNDP ( United Nations Development Program), TNC (The Nature Conservancy) and CTA (The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) . Carlos presented the PACC project in Kosrae to the workshop participants. High School students prepared a model of Naro area ( Guadalcanal Is.) with their resources and infrastructure. We found that these model are a great tool for gather traditional information of the peoples resources. The community can plan infrastructure needed and avoid projects that would affect their homes and livelihood. We plan to build our own model of the pilot project to see future land use patterns. Other maps could be made for communities who want to set aside protected areas, so they can have their input taken in account. We want to thank Mr. Giacomo Rambaldi and his team for the training. Thanks also for UNDP and the PACC Project for the invitation to assist this workshop.