Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Work on Pilot Road Continues.

Work continues on the pilot road project. The road is being raised in low laying areas in both road segments. On this photo, the road is next to the mangrove swamp in RS 3.

After the sub base material is spread on the road, it is compacted.
The construction of the box culverts has been awarded to three contractors.  Four box culverts are being constructed in RS 4.

To climate proof this road, The culverts were changed from 12 inches (30 cm.) to the new ones of 36 inches (90 cm.). This was done during last year and the first semester of 2013. Now the road is being raised, and bigger box culverts are constructed. These activities will allow the expected increase of rainfall and sea level rise to flow under the road, minimizing the damage to the road.

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