Monday, March 24, 2014

Winners of the Song and Art Contests

During the closing Ceremony of the 4th FSM Environmental Conference, the winners of the FSM PACC's Song and Art contest. The theme of both contests was the "Impacts of Climate Change in Kosrae" The winnwer of the song contest was Miss Trisstesa H. Abraham, a 7th grade student of Lelu Elementary School, the second prize went to the Lik Boys Choir from Lelu.

Miss Trisstesa H. Abraham performs the winning song during the Environmental Conference Closing Ceremony.

The winners of the art contest received their prizes the same activity. Four  winning entries were from Utwe Elementary School and one from Sansrik E. S.

The winners of the art contest, from left to right; Mellahlyn, Tamara, Martha, Latisha and Shana.

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