Monday, July 23, 2012

Analysis of the households surveys on Loss and Damage.

Ginny and Iris imputing the data.

The data input from the loss and damage surveys has begun today. The enumerator in charge is Mr. Ginny Jose. He has been recolecting the 211 surveys being finished to date, waiting for the software needed to analize the data. Last week, they received the statistical analysis software, SPSS. The ten surveyors have interviewed half of the expected 400 households for this survey. Apart from the socio economic questions, there are open questions where the people could tell their experiences with extreme weather events, which have affected them. Results from this surveys will be produced after their analysis during August and September, and then presented in October in an international meeting at the University of the United Nations in Bonn, Germany. Eigth countries from Africa and Asia will present their data, mostly on the effects of droughts. Kosrae's coastal data will be the only Oceania's country represented in this meeting.

Osamu and Elsina giving Ginny their surveys