Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Miss Iris Monnereau, consultant of FSM PACC Project

On July 2, the FSM PACC Project received the visit of  Miss Iris Monneraeu. She comes from the Netherlands, to work as a consultant to interpret the data of the Loss & Damage and  the Socio-economic surveys. She gave a  two days workshop to ten enumerators and a note taker on how to conduct the surveys. Four hundred households around the island will be interviewed to obtain socio-economic data and the negative impacts of climate change issues on their properties. There are three enumerators from Lelu and Tafunsak and two for Utwe and Malem municipalities.

On July 5th, the enumerators were taken to Lelu Municipality to practice the data collecting for the surveys. The survey will beging on July 9th,and will continue for a month.