Monday, June 17, 2013

.Teachers learn about the FSM PACC Project

The FSM PACC project team took the opportunity of a gathering of teachers to raise awareness of a teaching tool on climate change. The team also talked to the group about PACC project activities in Kosrae, which include engineering coastal roads to protect them from sea level rise and other climate change impacts.
The Kosrae Department of Education held its Annual Conference during the week of June 11-14th. About 45 teachers and members of the  general public were  present. The FSM PACC Project to gave two presentations:   “Adapting to a Changing Climate Flipchart as a tool for teaching about Climate Change”, and “Loss and Damage associated with Coastal Hazards as a result of Climate Change”.

 FSM PACC project assistant, Carlos Jose Cianchini, introduced the Adapting to a Changing Climate flipchart as an aid to teaching about climate change, and demonstrated it to the teachers.  The flipchart was developed by the Micronesia Conservation Trust, The Nature Conservancy, The Micronesia Challenge and the Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Area Community, and available to teachers from  the Department of Education. There is also a  booklet  which explains how to use the flipchart, and can be downloaded at
 Mr. Cianchini also informed the teachers of other sources of information available at the PACC office. An information board was also displayed with information about the FSM PACC Project and awareness materials.

The second presentation was by the FSM Project Coordinator, Mr. Simpson Abraham.  He talked about the Loss and Damage project on Kosrae.  Under this project, almost 400 households were interviewed about their experience with coastal erosion and how they have dealt with it.  Lack of expertise and money were the main reasons given for the damage caused to their properties . Mr. Abraham also used aerial and satellite images to illustrate the extent of coastal erosion on the last seventy years, and described plans to rehabilitate the existing farm roads further inland to begin relocation of infrastructure needed before people moving upland.

                                 Mr. Simpson Abraham giving his presentation to Kosrae teachers.
                                                          FSM PACC Project Display

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