Friday, August 2, 2013

Utwe teachers went to the mangrove to learn about climate change

On July 31, Utwe elementary teachers received a workshop about mangroves. Dr. Julian Sachs from the University of Washington; the State forester, Erik Waguk, Mrs. Ruthey Luckymis from KIRMA and Mr. Cianchini from FSM PACC were the resource personnel for this workshop. By focusing on the mangrove ecosystem, teachers learn changes in climate and how to adapt to those changes. Dr Sachs talk about the chemical properties of water on the mangroves, afterwards, the twenty teachers practiced reading salinities on fresh, brackish and saltwater. The workshop was held in the Utwe Biosphere Reserve premises, where the mangrove extends from the seashore to the upland.

Dr. Sachs explain chemical properties of the water to Utwe teachers

 Trees identification and salinity readings practiced in the mangrove

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