Monday, July 29, 2013

FSM PACC joins the Dept. of Education to develop teaching resources

Last week, the FSM PACC and KIRMA joined the Department of Education program PREL, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, to develop classroom resources. Science teachers met with PREL Manager, Miss Corrin Barros and University of Washington professor, Dr. Julian Sachs to plan for video interviews of how climate has changed in the view of older people. These videos will be used by science teachers as a resource for teaching climate change.

                                        Ruthie from KIRMA with Ms. Barros and DR. Sachs

 This week, Dr. Sachs with personnel of KIRMA, FSM PACC and science teachers, will meet in Utwe to develop climate change curriculum for Elementary School, using mangroves as focal area to teach coastal erosion, protected areas, waste management as well to other areas related to climate change.

                        Teachers divided in groups to share ideas on teaching climate change

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