Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Youth to Youth Environmental Summer Camp

During the first week of July, 7th grade students from Kosrae meet at the Gymnasium for the Youth to Youth Summer Camp. This summer camp is organized by the Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization, KCSO. Other NGO's and environmental government agencies also participae in this summer camp. FSM PACC awareness coordinator, Carlos Cianchini, gave a presentation attended by 123  students from the four villages of Kosrae. He talked about what is causing Kosrae's coastal erosion and what we have to do to adapt to it. Students were encouraged to ask the parents and grandparents the extent of coastal erosion on their villages. There were other presentations on invasive species, waste management and marine protected areas. The rest of the week the students are to visit Kosrae's protected and proposed areas for conservation.
Mr. Cianchini talks to the students about coastal erosion. ( Photo by Likiak Melander)

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