Monday, December 16, 2013

Consultant to Prepare Proposal for Upscaling the Work on the Pilot Road in Okat.

Mr. Jonathan W. McCue, from Sustainable Seas, is a consultant who came to Kosrae to prepare a proposal regarding the FSM PACC Project. He is to make an assessment of the pilot road project in Okat. He will prepare a proposal to funding organizations to upscale the work on the road, so it can be replicated in other roads in Kosrae and the other FSM States,. Other uses of the funds to be requested will be used to implement the Kosrae Strategic Development Plan for 2014-2023 and the Shoreline Management Plan. Mr. McCue made a courtesy visit to Kosrae Governor, Honorable Lyndon Jackson on December 3rd and the Kosrae State Legislature on the 4th.

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