Monday, December 16, 2013

Building in the Coastal Zone Recomendations Information Package

The FSM PACC and KIRMA ( Kosrae Island Resources Management Authority) had produced and is available for the public, recomendations for building in the coastal zone for those who do not own land upland. This information package can be obtained at the Housing Program at DREA, Dept. of Resources and Economic Affairs), the FSM Development Bank, KIRMA and the FSM PACC office. It includes information on how far to build from the shoreline and how to reduce the vulnerability of structures in the coastal zone.

This information was developed by Coastal Engineer, Mr. Doug Ramsay. He came back this last summer to update the Kosrae Shoreline Management Plan and make suggestions on how to become less vulnerable to the expected changes in climate. The information is provided in Kosraean language and includes building and taking care of the coastal zone, the mangroves and sand mining.

                                      The information Package for building in the coastal zone.

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