Friday, January 17, 2014

Merging of Kosrae Disaster Coordination Office and FSM PACC

PACC PMU is actively involved in the revision of the draft Kosrae disaster management plan. The impacts of climate change variability, now proven as it leads to different catastrophe and affecting the livelihood of the people. This plan was formulated few years back but still has some gaps that needed to be incorporated. The current substance of the report does not include climate change and risk reduction, hence the revision now inclusive of climate change and disaster risk as required by Kosrae state law 10-2 (CC Act 2011). As a result of the State Law 10-2 (CC Legislation), Governor Jackson executed an MOU merging Kosrae Disaster  Coordination Office (DCO) and FSM PACC as one office to be consistent to the CC legislation. This is also timely for  enactment of the FSM national climate change policy and disaster risk reduction passed by FSM congress in September 2013.

Both Offices share the new Disaster Coordination building in Tofol, Kosrae since December 9th.


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