Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Climate Change and Mangroves

The Climate Change awareness team visited  Lelu Elementary School to show an instructional video on Climate Change and how affects our mangroves. This video, prepared by  the Pacific Climate Education Partnership, PCEP from Hawaii with our local experts from KIRMA,  FSM PACC Project, the DOE’s PREL Project and the Science Coordinator; was presented to 3, 4 and 5th grade students.

Mrs. Ruthey M. Luckymis from KIRMA presents the video to 3rd grade students.

 This video includes interviews to mangrove users and we selected Senior Citizens of both sexes to describe us the changes occurred in our mangroves, its tress and animals.  Students had the opportunity to learn about changes degrading the ecosystem and how to minimize negative effects to make us less vulnerable to the expected changes in future climate. After each presentation, we met with the teachers to ask them suggestions to improve the video depending on age group.

Carlos Cianchini from FSM PACC talks about mangrove trees to 5th grade students.

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