Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pilot Project for Climate Resiliense, PPCR

The first week of March, week we received the visit of SPREP’s consultant, Mr. Aaron Buncle.  He came for the PPCR  project  (Pilot Project for Climate Resilience). This project aims to pilot and demonstrate ways in which climate risk and resilience may be integrated into National, State and Sectorial development planning.  Mr.  Buncle met with local agencies and organizations during the week and facilitated a worshop last Friday.  Policy processes were recollected from the participants to fine tune to achieve results. Mr. Buncle is met with  National agencies in Pohnpei during the 3rd week of March.

Mr. Aaron Buncle

Another  team of consultants came to Kosrae during the second  week of April  to work on the development of SPC’s Pilot Project for Climate Resilience (PPCR). The objective of this project is to improve the use of local, National and regional knowledge and information on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. This will strengthen the capacity to manage climate change risks to food security and the critical infrastructure. The consultants met with the Governor and the project’s Steering Committee members on Monday. The rest of the week, the consultants met with the different stakeholders from Fisheries, Agriculture, Water and Coastal Zone Management to gather information of current status of work and their needs. Kosrae and Christmas Island were selected among the different countries in the Pacific to carry on this project.
The consultants team was composed by Bruce Chapman ( leader), Arthur Webb ( coastal processess), Ian White (Water), Mary Taylor (agriculture) and Ursula        ( fisheries).


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