Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kosrae State Joint Action Plan in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change

A consultation meeting on Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change Adaptation, was held in Kosrae State from August 26 until September 6, 2014.  Consultants from SPC and the National Government Office of Environment & Emergency Management, OEEM; facilitated the consultation. The purpose of this consultation was the collection of inputs from Kosrae stakeholders, and prepare the  Kosrae Joint Sate Action Plan, KJSAP on DRM and CCA.

The KJSAP, will implement National Government policy goals, it is State driven, allows for multiple perspectives by consulting different sectors/stakeholders. The plan aligns with the State, National and Regional approach of integrating disaster and climate risk.

The consultation  was conducted by the Kosrae Disaster Coordinator, Mr. Nena William; SPC consultants, Mrs. Anna Gero and Noah Tokavou  and OEEM’s James Lukan and Cindy Ehmes. The stakeholders consulted included, The Governor’s Cabinet, Government agencies, NGO’s, Municipal leadership, Disable persons, Youth & Women’s Councils, Church leaders and Senior citizens.

The final meetings presented the findings from the different sectors consulted. The key hazard most mentioned was the high sea/swells with 17 inputs from a total of 35. Other findings were the gaps in financial & physical capacity, which need to be improved. The island’s capacity on human, social & environment issues fared better.

Kosrae State Governor, Hon. Lyndon Jackson, merged the Kosrae Disaster Coordination Office and the FSM PACC as one office to be consistent to the local CC legislation on December 2013.  The FSM National Climate Change Policy & Disaster Risk reduction was passed by the FSM Congress in September 2013. Kosrae was the first State to held this consultation, the other three states will be next.


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