Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tsunami Training Workshop

A tsunami training workshop was conducted in Kosrae from September 17-19 for Tsunami threat assessment and decision making.  The trainers were Dr. Laura Kong, Director of the International Tsunami Information Center in Honolulu; Mr. Charles "Chip" Guard, Warning Coordination Meteorologist from Guam, Rev. Eden Skilling from the FSM Weather Service and Mr. Nena William as the Disaster Coord ination Officer for the State of Kosrae.

FSM PACC personnel joined the other stakeholders to learn about the new Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) messages. These  messages contains the data from earthquakes, which can be used to determine the probability of generating tsunamis and estimated times of arrival.

The PTWC will give the information and each country should evaluate the need to evacuate. Kosrae State will be in contact with the FSM Weather Station in Pohnpei to determine the need to make tsunami warnings. Another tool we got in the training is a software that give us the location, magnitude and depth of the earthquakes, to visualize were it was and the potential to generate a tsunami. With these new products, Kosrae is better prepared to evaluate the need of evacuation  before a tsunami reach the island.
From left to right: Mr. Nena William, Dr. Laura Kong, Rev. Eden Skilling and Mr. Chip Guard.

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