Monday, December 15, 2014

FSM PACC Project Video Filmed.

The second week of December, the FSM PACC Project, had a team of filmmakers to film a video about the project.  The team from New Zealand, known as Prospekt Mira, interviewed government officials, some  pilot road beneficiaries, areas affected by climate change and adaptation strategies to cope with those changes.

         Mr. Alokoa Jonathan tells the team how high the waves reached during the 2008 storm surge.
The Prospekt Mira team has filmed other PACC projects in Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Fji, Samoa and the Cook Islands. The FSM PACC Project video will be completed in two or three months. It will be presented on Kosrae, the other States of  Micronesia and other Pacific and international countries. This video about Kosrae’s project, will be presented to donor agencies to showcase Kosrae vulnerabilities and work done to be more resilient. We are grateful to everyone that participated in this video.

Rev. Soloman Mongkeya, one of the road beneficiaries while being interviewed by the film crew.
The Prospekt Mira tean is a non profit organization, who are passionate about sustainable development.The members are: Mrs, Andrea Egan, Producer; Mr. Luke McPake, Director; Mr. Joe Hitchcock, Director of Photography and Mr. David Angelson, Sound Technician. For more information on the team, please contact:

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