Monday, December 15, 2014

FSM PACC Terminal Evaluation

Mr. Shin Furuno, a consultant from SPREP, will be in Kosrae to do the FSM PACC Project Terminal Evaluation from November 18 to the 21st. He will visit the island stakeholders to interview them about the project. His first visit will be to Honorable Lyndon Jackson. During the first day on Kosrae,  he will visit the Director of  DT&I, Mr. Weston Luckymis and KIRMA’s Director P. Robert Jackson.  On Wedsday, he will talk with the Department of  Administration director, Mr. Alik Isaac. On Thursday he will meet Mr. Switson Robert  from the Department of Finance and the Mayor of Tafunsak with some of the landowners of the Pilot project road . Afterwards, he will be taken to the road from Lacs to Lacl. FSM PACC Director, Mr. Simpson Abraham and the Administrative Official, Mr. Ginny Jose; will be with Mr. Furuno during all the process.

Mr. Simpson Abraham, Hon. Lyndon Jackson and Mr. Shin Furuno.

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