Monday, September 24, 2012

Kosrae State Fair

The Kosrae State Fair was held for two days, September 20 &21th. Farmers and fishermen brought their products to compete for the best of the different varieties of  farm produce and fishes. The FSM PACC and its partners like KIRMA and the  environmental NGO, KCSO, had booths with information. The PACC project display included the Public Announcement about El Nino current which as been detected beginning last August and the days in which we expect higher tides. Not many people came to the information booths, but the Public Announcement was given to the four Mayors and the broadcast news manager for radio dissemination. Mayor were interested in this prediction and told us they will spread the news and check their river dams to check for leaks to be less vulnerable to the expected drought. On Monday, 24th, we heard the radio announcing the prediction of a drought that might affect Micronesia. We will keep updating the drought prediction as more information reaches us.

Utwe students reading the PACC booth display about El Nino current and the expected drought.

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