Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PACC Gender Assessment

From September 11th to the 14th, we received the visit of Mrs. Sarah Whitfield, a consultant from SPREP. She came to make a gender assessment on the PACC project.  She met on the 12th, with representatives of the women and youth groups. She gather information on the roles of males and females on our society and how the PACC pilot project addresses gender issues. The next two days she met individually with Mrs. Salome Martin, the president of the Kosrae Women's Association, Mr. Bell Tosie, The  Kosrae State Youth and Gender Coordinator and Mr. Richard Sigrah and wife Lila, residents of the Okat road, which is the road pilot project. Some of the findings were that many women from did not have idea about the project scope. More recommendations will be delivered after the analysis of information collected in the island. This recommendations will help us improve target gender related issues of our project.

Sarah meets members of women and youth groups.

              Sarah interviewed Richard and Lila about the avantages and disanvantages of the road.

For more information on gender mainstreaming, we have the document " Stocktake of the Gender Mainstreaming Capacity of Pacific Island Government - Federated States of Micronesia ", edited  by Treva Braum, SPC 2012. Contact us for an electronic copy.

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