Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FSM PACC Project presented to the Kosrae's Governor and Cabinet

On March 7,FSM PACC Coordinator, Mr. Simpson Abraham; presented the project’s updates to the Governor and his Cabinet. He went over the PACC Strategic Planning meeting in Samoa where it was decided that the project will be extended to 2014. It was discussed in this meeting that the PACC Plus, Australian Fund, will give an additional 6 million dollars for 13 PACC countries. To be eligible for this fund, 70% of the original budget has to be spent. The FSM PACC project remaining balance is $445,000. One of the issues discussed was the land owners being complained about their land being touched without being notified. The Governor and the Cabinet explained that the road and the swamp area are government’s property and there is no certificate of title required.
 Mr. Abraham also informed the Cabinet that in April, a team of coastal experts will be visiting the island to update the Kosrae Shoreline Management Plan of 2000. This team and their work will be funded by Germany Government (GIZ), with a budget of $100,000.
Another issue discussed was the designation of disaster evacuation routes project proposal. Mr. Abraham informed the Governor and his cabinet about Mr. Kosi Latu’s, SPREP’s Deputy Director General, visit to Kosrae and his interest in this project.  Mr. Latu is willing to provide financial assistance to this project if it is on Kosrae’s Priority List. The proposal will be written by the state Governor and will be sent to Mr. Latu for his Review and approval. 

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