Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Walung village solar systems

We received the visit of Mr. Rupeni Mario and Mr. Emanuele Taibi from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community / European Union's Renewable Energy Project ( SPC/EU REP). They came to check the  schedule for the installation of the solar systems for the people of Walung village. Walung is not part of the island's electrical grid. The solar system is beign installed in every household, and includes one or two energy efficient light bulbs. Mr. Mario and Mr. Taibi, interviewed two of the persons with the system installed. Both told them that they have save money that they used to spend in kerosene for their lanterns. and the light bulbs stay on duting the whole night. Mr. Mario and Mr. Taibi also met with the staff of the Kosrae Utilities Authority to establish a  payment system for this equipment, which will allow for replacement parts in the future. These project will benefit Walung students ( study at night), their families ( save money on kerosene) and the environment ( less use of fuel and less emissions).

Mr. Taibi talks with Mr. Hamlet Jim, about their solar system.


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