Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr. Kosi Latu, Deputy Director General of SPREP

On March 23, we received the visit of Mr. Kosi Latu, Deputy Director General of SPREP. He came to see some of Kosrae's projects. He went with Mr. Simpson Abraham and project engineer, Mr. Abraham Bahillo; to the FSM PACC's pilot project in Okat. This is the road to be climate proofed for the expected increase in rainfall and sea level rise. To achieve that, the culverts are beign replaced with wider ones and the road raised between one or two feet. This project is a way to improve the coastal zone management, as 75% percent of the population and infrastructure is found in the coastal zone. The lessons learnt from this project will be used in the construction of better roads in the future, as these are the plans for the relocation of roads inland.  On March 25, Mr. latu met with Kosrae's Governor, Honorable Lyndon Jackson. They talked about the FSM PACC project and other projects that can be done in Kosrae. Mr. Latu also met with the Directors of Kosrae Island Resources Management Authority ( KIRMA) and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure ( DT&I). He also visite the Fukuoka Semi Aerobic land fill and the recycling facilities. Mr. Latu left Kosrae fro the Marshall Islands that afternoon.   

                                                 Mr. Kosi Latu visits the pilot project site.

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