Thursday, March 28, 2013

Work on Pilot Project Road

Work on the FSM PACC pilot project's coastal road resumed again after some delays. The Lacl to Loes road is to be climate proofed, to withstand the expected increase in rainfall ans sea level rise. To achieve this, the road is to be raised and the culverts changed to bigger ones. This will allow the rainwater runoff and the high tide water to flow under the road, avoiding damaging it. Two filling materials areas had been designated and with heavy equipment donated by the Government of Japan, work has resumed.

                                             New excavator extracting sub-base material.

A contractor has begun to build the head walls of the new culverts. The new culverts are 36 inches in diameter. During an inspection of the work being done, we observed water flowing in the culverts. In the mangrove area, water from a rising tide move inland. In the freshwater swamps areas, water was flowing from the upland.

                                                           Head walls of the new culverts.

Today, March 28, The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, carried out the Box culverts pre-bid with six contractors. Mr. Bahillo, the project engineer, explained to the contractors the specifications of the work required.

                                                     Contractors attend Pre-bid meeting.

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